How to install missing Grub from ubuntu Live CD or USB

Many of you might be having a missing grub after installing Ubuntu. At system startup you might seeing the option Grub is missing.
Ubuntu Grub can be restore or rescue from live Ubuntu Server CD or Live USB Ubuntu server. This article will show how to do Ubuntu grub rescue with screen shots. These screenshots of Ubuntu grub rescue have been taken on Ubuntu server 11.04. 
If you don't have the server CD then Ubuntu Grub can also be restore from Ubuntu Live Desktop CD or USB. See here for Ubuntu Grub rescue or restore from Desktop CD or USB.

The following screen shot has been taken from live Ubuntu Server 11.04  -i386 CD.

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshots 1

Boot from the server CD. The following menu will appear.Select "Rescue a broken System".

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshot 2
Select the language and press Enter.

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshot 3
Select your country and press Enter.
In next window select your Keyboard type and continue.

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshot 4
After configuring the keyboard ,the above screen will appear asking for "Configure the network".Type your Network host name and if not known keep it "Ubuntu". Click Continue.

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshot 5
In appeared window select the drive in which your Ubuntu is installed.Click Enter.

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshot 6
In appearing window select the first option ,make sure the drive mention in first option is same as your drive in which ubuntu is installed.Click Enter.

Ubuntu grub rescue screenshot 7
In the appeared shell prompt ,type "sudo update-grub2 or sudo update-grub".
And hurray! Grub will be installed. Restart your system to check out the grub.

If you still have any problems, feel free to ask....


Thanks man!!

file not found
grub rescue>

linke this coming pls help this ...

After I followed all your guide above, I got the message: Cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdc1, which is my USB stick with the installation image. What should I do ?

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