Tablets powered by Ubuntu?

Well, it will come to no surprise to see Ubuntu driving the Tablets PCs very soon. Already the Ubuntu for phones is out and is gaining explosive popularity. Then why not tablets now? Mr. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu has been already inkling about the possibilities of Ubuntu phones and tablets for long now. By this, the idea is to make Ubuntu more popular and acquainted to the masses so that they could flourish their OS on bigger machines with ease.

The founder, Mr. Shuttleworth wrote on his blog recently that in 2013, the Unity will all be about mobiles and tablets. This shall cement the speculations of Ubuntu Tablets being launched this year. But still there is no authentic news about the Ubuntu hardware and the smartphone tables.

Now let’s see some of the features which should be there with Ubuntu tablet:
1) Ubuntu Personal Cloud: This caters the one feature which makes a data available simultaneously on many registered devices. For instance, you had clicked a picture on your phone; it will also flash on your tablet instantly.

2) Swipe to Switch: Switching between applications that too with no latency will be the highlight. Various swipe patterns will guide the users through all the Apps running on the tablet. This shall make an efficient “multi tasking” device.

3) Messages, emails, phone calls all to be read/received and replied at any juncture of time, while using any of the Apps without exiting.

4) K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple Silly is something Ubuntu would be trying with the help of their simple but elegant ecosystem of applications.

5) Battery usage is presumed to be low in comparison to the other canonical cousins in the tablet market, since the Ubuntu is much optimized and is a light weight OS.

We all know Ubuntu has a big footprint in the market for the simple reason of its simplicity and of course for being free. By the launch of Ubuntu Tablets in the absence of Windows 8 RT popularity can allow it to gain strong Tablet market traction towards itself. But for now, let’s wait for the device with utmost anticipation   


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